Here’s How Shopping Local Works (infographic)

By now, you have probably heard about the shop local movement, but you might not understand just how important your individual actions are to your community.

Here’s how it all works. You’ve probably heard the expression “find a job doing what you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Let’s imagine that Jill is a cycling enthusiast. As her knowledge and confidence increases, she buys a better bicycle, then starts adding equipment. She learns how to do her own repairs, and is regularly fixing flats, changing tires, etc. Jill has found what she would like to do. Before long, friends she cycles with start bringing their bikes to her for help.

One day, Jill has an idea. If she opens her own shop, she can spend her time doing something she likes to do and is good at. So she decides to open her own shop on Main Street.

Why Shop Small Infographic

Jill starts small, but word starts to spread. She participates in local charity rides and writes a bike tips section for her community paper. Jill’s community supports her with bike purchases, and soon her business is flourishing. The property and sales taxes generated by her business help to expand local bike trails and lanes, which are suddenly in demand from her customers, who are out enjoying their new bikes.

The changes to the neighborhood improve the quality of life, and make cycling more enjoyable, which in turn makes for more business for Jill – and other local merchants along Main Street within cycling distance.

When we support local merchants like Jill, we are also helping our own community. It’s been estimated that when you shop locally, 52% of the money you spend ends up staying locally. That money stays in the community, creating jobs, generating tax revenue and making our communities better, more enjoyable places to live and work

How can you help? First, make a plan to Shop Small on Small Business Saturday, November 29th. Then shop small whenever you have a choice.

If you are a merchant, join us at Discover Main Street. Contact us at today. Tell us about your self, your business and what it is known for. Sign up for our passport ad program for Small Business Saturday.

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