A Fresh Take On The Sandwich Roll

Clarence Deli

I think I was in high school in Alden when I first became aware of the Clarence Deli. At the time, it was in the building that houses The Hollow Bistro and Brew.

Life evolved. Eventually, my wife and I lived in a lower flat near Main and Ransom. I was Clarence Bee editor. It was very convenient to walk across the street where Simon Yu had moved the deli, next door to his old location.

To this day, he offers the freshest rolls and most economical sandwiches of any shop on Main Street.

Somehow, any trip to a Bills game would not be complete without three subs to go.

A few years ago, a Subway opened, and closed, along Main Street. I felt badly because somehow, I knew – no one would make a better, fast sandwich at a more fair price than Simon’s deli.

Along the way, Kathy became Mrs. Simon. They had two awesome children, Katie and Nick as well. In fact, Katie runs the Hollow Bistro and Brew next door.

That’s a story for a different day. Stop for lunch – or because you need freshly baked hamburger or hotdog rolls. You will be glad you did.

(Joe Genco is a recovering journalist who works as a financial advisor. He has never finished an entire Clarence Deli sub in one sitting. Both of his sons have, however.)

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