The wonderful world of Buffalo Road Imports Toy & Hobby

Buffalo Road ImportsIt’s safe to assume that the words “wow” are the first thing that come out of customer’s mouths when walking into Buffalo Road Imports Toy & Hobby, 10120 Main Street in Clarence. Upon entering the store you immediately see floor to ceiling die-cast models, trains, cars, battleships, airplanes, busses, police cars, and 18,000 other items from the toy and hobby world.

Of course, you can’t help but feel like a kid again walking up and down the aisles of the neatly organized store.  To see items that relate to your childhood still touches the kid inside of us all. The detail and design of the die-cast models are very impressive.Buffalo Road Imports4

Owner Brandon Lewis and his family owned business have resided on Main Street in Clarence for 20 years, but established as a business since 1978. The shop itself attracts collectors from around the world. Buffalo Road Imports also service their worldwide customers with their online business.

On a recent visit Brandon said that Buffalo Road Imports has the largest selection and largest stock of construction models worldwide. The company has recently published a few photo books on contemporary and vintage heavy construction equipment. Buffalo Road Imports also have their own product line of die-cast models.

Buffalo Road Imports5From first-timers model builders to hard-core collectors, Buffalo Road Imports has something for everyone. One step inside the store and you’ll know it was worth the visit. You can also visit their website at

Buffalo Road Imports3


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