Holiday shopping: 10 days left…10 reasons why you should shop Main Street in Clarence.

Hey, do you know that there’s only 10 holiday shopping days left? It’s “go” time, my friends and you better start knocking those items off your holiday list.  You’re in luck, because the businesses on Main Street in Clarence can help you be a hero this season.

Clarence wednesday 035Here are 10 reasons why the businesses and shops on Main Street can help you…and your community.

1.) There are so many unique items. Your local retailers have items that are quite often not found in larger big box stores or corporate retail outlets. No “run-of-the-mill” items on Main Street.

Clarence wednesday 0272.) Entertaining this holiday season? Go to one of Main Street’s candy or desert makers. From candies to cupcakes, your guests will love the special touch.

3.) Each business is steps away.  Pretty much every Main Street business has parking within steps of their door. We don’t like massive parking lots  or fight for parking spaces here. Ah…relaxing.

Small biz Saturday 0104.) Money stays in your community. Spending money with your locally owned businesses goes further in Clarence then spending it with out of town corporations.

5.) No Fuss! It’s so easy to drive up and down Main Street and casually pull into a business. No highways, off ramps or triple lane roads here.

SBS Smooches for Pooches6.) Pets love Main Street. There are at least five businesses that offer items, grooming, lessons and more for your special pets.

7.) Create a sense of community. On Main Street, quite often the person helping you is the owner or someone involved in the business. Talk to them – make an introduction.

8.) Yum! Start your shopping with a  muffin or celebrate your shopping “finds” with  some blacken scallops or filet mignon. It can all be found on Main Street.

9.) Plenty of cheer! Between Transit Road and through Clarence Hollow, there are plenty of place to purchase or responsibly consume holiday libations.

10.) Supporting the local arts. Many items in our local businesses are created by local artists. Clarence is a creative place!

Babycakes 010

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