Louie’s Deli: a culinary hat trick.

louiesdeliIn Western New York, we are blessed with an abundance of wonderful restaurants and culinary shops. From simple to sophisticated food, there are awesome food spots virtually on every street corner. One of those gems resides at Louie’s Deli & Imports, 8226 Main Street.

This place is a culinary hat trick: sandwich shop, deli and imported photo 1 (5)Italian groceries. Since 1991, Louie and company have been serving up wonderful Italian creations. The place is buzzing every day with customers enjoying their fresh and creative sandwiches. My favorite is the Little Joe (turkey, cheddar and sun-dried tomatoes). In the rear of the store is a deli selling your tradition deli products and prepared food. To me, the secret on this place is their selection of imported Italian groceries. They have all the fixings (and well-priced, I might add) that olives_indexensure you’re next Italian dinner with be a knockout. If you want to dine-in at Louie’s, there are a few pub style tables available.  The Louie’s staff is also always very friendly and helpful

A little word of advice: if you’re in a hurry at lunchtime, call ahead and give them a 25 minute head start on your order. It’s a busy place. The other tip: if you’re not in a hurry. Go order your food at the counter and check out the groceries while you’re waiting. Either way…you’re going to get some awesome food.

Visit Louie’s Deli & Imports website here!

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