Main Street in Clarence plays a big role in WNY Local Restaurant Week 2015

The WNY Local Restaurant Week (Monday,  March 9 thru Sunday, March 15th) is a major event throughout the Buffalo-area with over 200 locally-owned restaurants offering special deals at the cost of $20.15 for customers. The event helps promote our region’s amazing culinary treasures by giving patrons great deals to entice them to try and explore our local restaurants.

In 2015, Main Street in Clarence is home to eight of the participating restaurants during WNY Local Restaurant Week.  One glance at this list and you can see that every restaurant is a tremendous representation of the great dining that can be had on Main Street.

Here are the participating Main Street restaurants with links to their websites and their WNY Local Restaurant Week deal. Enjoy!

Asa Ransom House, 10529 Main Street, Clarence

The charming bed & breakfast built in 1852 also has a wonderful restaurant. They will be featuring a  multi-course “Dinner for One” as their $20.15 special. The Asa Ransom House local restaurant week special can be found here.

The Cornerstone Bar & Grill, 10651 Main Street, Clarence

This cozy pub in the Hollow will be  featuring an “Appetizer for Two” special, and both “Lunch for Two”  and “Dinner for Two” specials. The Cornerstone’s restaurant week special can be found here.

Gate House Grill, 8220 Main Street, Clarence

The Gate House Grill is a full-service, casual restaurant with a nice bar.  During restaurant week, Gate House has a splendid four-course meal for $2015, that can be found here.

The Hollow Bistro & Brew, 10641 Main Street, Clarence

Nestled in Clarence Hollow, this restaurant is featuring both a “Lunch for Two” special or a special dinner menu $20.15 and up. For more details on their restaurant week special, visit here for lunch, and here for dinner.

Kabab & Curry, 8445 Main Street, Clarence

Family-owned and operated since 2001, Kabab & Curry provide their customers with an “authentic Southwest Asian dining experience that specializes in Pakistani and Indian cuisine.”  Offering Lunch or Dinner for Two options starting at $20.15. To see their Restaurant Week specials, visit here.

Kennedy’s Cove, 9800 Main Street, Clarence

A restaurant with an exceptional reputation for cooking amazing steaks, Kennedy’s Cove will feature a filet or strip steak as their $20.15 special. They also have a Dinner for Two special as well. Visit here for their specials during restaurant week.

Orazio’s Restaurant, 9415 Main Street, Clarence

For over 20 years, Orazio’s mouth-watering Italian, Sicilian, and American cuisine has kept people flocking to this Main Street restaurant.  They have both lunch and dinner restaurant week specials that can be found here.

Red Mill Inn, 8326 Main Street, Clarence,

A Clarence/Williamsville institution since 1962. They are offering a multitude of Dinner for One Specials for $20.15 and above. Their Restaurant Week specials can be found here.



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