Penny Lane Cafe: a colorful addition to Main Street in Clarence.

Penny Lane Cafe 026
Awesome ladies of Penny Lane Cafe: Anne & Angel Valby.

Main Street in Clarence, NY got “more fun” recently with the opening of Penny Lane Café, 10255 Main Street. The moment you walk into this eclectic and visually stimulating restaurant, you can’t help but have a smile on your face.

The creation of Anne Valby, Penny Lane Café is like a restaurant wrapped in an art project. Every square foot of the establishment and two outdoor seating areas, are wonderfully decorated and is a direct extension of Anne’s colorful personality. The bar-area itself is an amazing piece of art, with so many fun features to look at while enjoying an IPA or a pitcher of sangria. The café is a family-affair with daughter Angel, handling much of the management and marketing duties.

Cool seating area.
Cool seating area.

The restaurant is open from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. The café has been open three weeks and will debut their permanent menu within the next few days. From what I saw during a recent visit, was a wonderful collection of wraps, salads, and more coming out of the kitchen. Penny Lane also have their own unique brands of coffee and tea, that you can also purchase and take with you.

Penny Lane Cafe 004The Penny Lane’s Facebook page proclaims them as “a cafe’ that has great food, drinks, It’s a place to hang out with old and new friends. Where the happy gather.” When you enter their entrance through the front courtyard, there are a collection of hula hoops waiting for you. On recent nights, Penny Lane has featured a musical duo, a hula hoop specialist and they look forward in bringing more fun, intimate encounters in the future. Out the side door in their second patio, a large Beatles-themed mural painted by local artist Jeff Perdziak makes a wonderful backdrop.

Words in this blog don’t do Penny Lane Café justice. Go see it for yourself. The place is absolutely wonderful.

Penny Lane Cafe 031

Penny Lane Cafe 013

Penny Lane Cafe 010

5 responses to “Penny Lane Cafe: a colorful addition to Main Street in Clarence.”

  1. Great food, great atmosphere, great hosts! And the frozen Vanilla Chai is amazing! This place is a pleasure for your tastebuds and for your soul!


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