Why the Upcoming Discover Main Street Fun Ride Is Already Having Immediate Results For The New Clarence Main Street

It all started with a simple question: if you sat and watched, how long would it take before someone rode by on Main Street on a bike?

Not very long, it turned out. And then another went by. And another.

Which led to this article on the idea of bike lanes on Main Street in Clarence. Which led to a conversation with Melany Arrison of Clarence, who was starting a campaign for a bike friendly Clarence. Which led to a conversation about how our Main Street Commercial District was very bike-able.

Which led to our first discover Main Street Fun Ride, set to depart the Clarence Hollow Farmer’s Market at 10am on Saturday September 12th (if you haven’t registered, what are you waiting for? Sign up here right now!).

All this was a lot, but the minute we started asking, folks started helping. Within a few weeks, our Sponsor list had swelled with folks wanting to help out. We had started an event to show support for a bike-friendly Main Street, and it turns out lots of other folks felt the same way.

Without stealing anyone’s thunder, we will have an announcement you won’t want to miss on September 12th.

Which takes us back to the original mission of Discover Main Street – getting the word out about all the wonderful new businesses and things to do on Main Street in Clarence. It’s an exciting time for us in Clarence. The birth of an exciting new Main Street Commercial District. So get on your bike and ride on over. You’ll be glad you did.


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