10 Facts To Know About Saturday’s DMS Fun Ride

As of this writing, it’s two days to the Discover Main Street Fun Ride. The weather is cooperating, and we should have a beautiful ride. As you start to make your own preparations for the ride, here’s a quick list of facts you should have in mind:

  1. You make a difference just by showing up – The DMS Fun Ride is a participation ride. After riding, showing up is literally the most important thing you can do on Saturday. We need to show our support as a community for dedicated bike lanes and a bike-friendly Main Street.
  2. Early Check In – Thursday Night at Murphy Brown’s. If you want to pick up your shirt and rider kit ahead of the event, come join us at Murphy Brown’s Craft Beer Empourium at 9500 Main Street. We will be doing live registrations too, and if you register Thursday night you will receive a $5 discount on beer and wine. Coming out early will help ease congestion for check in Saturday morning, so everyone can relax and enjoy the event. Event Parking
  3. Park at the Town Park Main Lot- The ride starts at the Farmer’s Market, which is always busy with it’s own traffic this time of year. Help ease congestion by parking at the Town Park and riding down the hill to the Farmer’s Market or across the bike path.
  4. Come early – It takes us time to get everyone registered, checked in and ready to ride. To get the ride off at 10am, we ask that everyone come at least an hour before the ride starts.
  5. Day of Event Registration – You will be able to come out the day of the ride and register. Please come by 9am, so we can get all riders registered and still get the ride off at 10am. On site fees $10 with shirt (while supplies last) and $5 without. Cash or check only please – if you wish to use credit or debit to register, please register online or come out Thursday night to our Live Event. Advance registration helps us keep the ride organized – and it saves you too.
  6. Goodrich Coffee Before the Ride – Goodrich Coffee will be serving up piping hot coffee and bagels before the ride, and there’s lots to see and do at the Clarence Hollow Farmer’s Market. Come early, relax and enjoy the Market before it’s time to line up for the ride.
  7. Safety Checks – We’ll have a support truck from Bert’s Bikes on site before the event to provide a basic safety check and tire inflation. Safety also extends to helmets, which will be required to participate.fall_cycling_attire
  8. It’s a “slow-roll” fun ride – We will have cyclists of all abilities. Follow the Rules of the Road. We will have limited support from law enforcement, and for the full Main Street ride we will want to keep together as a group. Unless otherwise directed by an officer, Please be respectful of other riders and remember – as a part of this ride you are representing cycling to the public. Let’s show Clarence how friendly cyclists are.
  9. Fall Riding is Wonderful, but mornings can be a bit chilly, and you’ll want to layer up. The good news is that once you are riding you can get up to a comfortable temperature without overheating. The forecast is dry weather
  10. Cornerstone After Party – Thanks to Courtney and Jason of the Cornerstone Bar & Grill  for providing us an afterparty. Join us after the ride at the corner of Main and Sawmill for a food and beverages after the ride, sponsored by Cornerstone !

One last thing – while you’re riding on Saturday, pay attention to how many sites you are really seeing for the first time – even if you drive Main Street regularly. Cycling is a more intimate experience than driving, and you will come to love the sense of curiosity that you’ll develop. By coming out and being a part of the DMS Fun Ride, you are doing you part to make a safer, happier, more sustainable Clarence. We hope you will make rides along Main Street a regular part of your life.

See you 10/10 @ 10am!

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