Valentine’s Day Weekend: 10 Places on Main Street in Clarence that you’ll love!

This weekend coming up is Valentine’s Day, so you better be ready. Whether you’re looking for something simple or sophisticated, here are 10 places or ideas that might make you a hero this Valentine’s Day weekend.

Asa Ransom House, 10529 Main Street – Where better to be asa ransomwith your date on a cold winter’s night, than enjoying an amazing dinner inside an 1850’s inn. Enjoy a glass of wine by the fire, before settling down for a delicious meal.  A Valentine’s Day you won’t forget.

Van Gogh on the Rocks, 10255 Main Street – Have fun creating art together this Friday or Saturday night. Bring a bottle of wine and let Van Gogh’s art instructors lead you step-by-step in creating your masterpiece. You’ll love your painting and the experience.

Family chocolateThe Family Chocolate Shoppe, 10295 Main Street – A nice box or chocolate or other sweet delights are a big part of Valentine’s Day. This place is run by members of the Fowler family, which are pretty much the “first family of chocolate” in the Buffalo-area.

Lipinoga Florist, 9890 Main Street – It’s impossible to go wrong buying some flowers. The results are even better yet if you’re getting them from the creative folks at Lipinoga Florist.

Towne BMWTowne BMW, 8215 Main Street – You would be the all-time world champion of Valentine’s Day if your valentine found a nice, new BMW in the driveway. The vehicle might cost a little more than flowers or chocolate…but what a gift!

Destination Massage, 9500 Main Street – A great place to feel refreshed. Your body and soul will love their Vichy treatments, facials, manicures and pedicures, boy treatments and more. Good health and wellness is the best way to feel on Valentine’s Day.

Passport Wine & Spirits, 8855 Main Street – A great bottle of wine Passport 011or champagne is pretty darn sexy! The crew at Passport will give you great advice on what to buy and work with your budget. Sometimes sitting around, enjoying a glass with your loved one is all you need.

The Hiding Place, 9400 Main Street – Another staple of Valentine’s Day is getting a little gift for that special someone. The Hiding Place is literally a one-stop shop for you. Gifts, collectibles, and even a candy shop. How can you go wrong here?

Babycakes 006Babycakes Cupcakery, 10070 Main Street – Again, you can’t go wrong with sweets! Walk into Babycakes and have a fun time picking out one of their wonderful creations. The cupcakes are like little pieces of art…and so, so good!

Gate House GrillGate House Grill, 8220 Main Street – A dark, classy place for Valentine’s dinner. Enjoy a cocktail on their copper-top bar. This place is a little, hidden gem on Main Street. You’ll love it!



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