Sister Act

When sisters Kristin Stuckart and Jenna Schultz started families of their own, they quickly noticed just how expensive it was to raise children. Their solution? The KidSmart Consignment Sale.

Growing from their first sale into a semi-annual event, The KidSmart sale offers brand ks clothesname baby, kid, teen and maternity clothing and merchandise. Their spring sale will get underway for the public Thursday April 7th at 6pm at the Schultz Auctioneers Events Building at 11177 Main Street in Clarence. Admission is free.

“We take turns having children,” joked Jenna, who explained how the KidSmart not only helped local families save money but was also a project that the two sisters could work on together while they still had small children at home. From there, the sisters have been taking in clothing and merchandise in anticipation of this event.

kidsmart accessoriesThe sale has grown to take over a huge indoor space at the events building, which is directly adjacent to the grounds of the Great Pumpkin Farm, owned by Jenna’s father-in-law Kelly Schultz. Rack after rack of clothing is joined by aisles of high chairs, creativity play stations, strollers. Although these are consignment items, all seem to be in great condition.

If you or a family member is young children at home, you won’t go wrong with a stop at the KidSmart Consignment sale. The sale continues through Sunday April 10th, and wraps up with special 50% off deals.


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