Bike or Shuttle for the Pub Crawl?

For most of us, deciding whether to bike the Clarence Spring Bicycle Pub Crawl or to pony up $10 (advance) to $15 (day of) to ride the Crawl Shuttle is more about convenience and personal preference and less about skill. After all everyone knows how to ride a bike, right?

Actually, no.

In a three part series of video shorts, we’re bringing you the story of Reine Hammoud, who actually, somehow, never learned to ride a bike. Yes, this is completely true. Reine, however, is choosing the pub crawl as her motivation to learn how to ride. At the recent Bike Swap on Main Street, Reine bought a BMX bike, and we will be following her journey as she tries to master her bike in time for the May 14th Pub Crawl (register here).

Here’s Reine telling us about her challenge:

Let us know what you think in our Comments!

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