Rodney Atkins Tops Main Street Music Calendar For September 27th-October 3rd

With all the exciting new places to explore and all the talented artists displaying their crafts, Discovering Main Street has never been more fun. Luckily for you, the reader, we are providing the treasure map for your quest of musical gold right here in Clarence on Main St.

It’s time once again for a big night at Murphy Brown’s Craft Beer Emporium. Apple Jack Blues has brought in a triple play this week.  Ask any blues player in the area who has the tastiest guitar licks and you’re sure to hear the name of my first guest – Rob Enderle. Next up to walk through those doors is the vocal soul crying Sharon Bailey. Sharon’s voice has david-millerled some of the top acts in the industry for years and we are thrilled to hear once again what she can do. Finally, the main event of the night is local music legend and blues/soul extraordinaire David Michael Miller!  Miller and The Other Sinners recently finished a tour through the nation and while they stopped in Buffalo were grabbed off the stage for a special guest invite to our up and coming craft beer establishment, Murphy Browns. Whew! What a lineup…

The Hollow Bistro and Brew has had huge success on their Tuesday and Friday night music series. Rhapsody Music operated by Buffalo music Hall of Famer Gerald Meyers has brought a beautiful rotation of musical acts into the Hollow. Mike Wolcott, a solo acoustic act, takes the stage tonight to sooth and relax the crowd with his undeniable gift. As a songwriter Mike has scored wonderful pieces, and I might recommend requesting “Never Die” off his 2013 released album. The Friday night act, Justin Rizzo, was just announced as this column was being submitted.

It seems as though Penny Lane Café has made quite the splash in the local music scene. Most local musicians have a date with Anne Valby’s masterfully decorated gem on their touring calendar. Even the Thursday night open mic seems to be the place to “get noticed” as local harmonica player Noah Moses found. Friday night hosts Dave Stayner and Saturday we see The Watchful Horsemasters.

There is something magical about the sound waves bouncing through the lighted rafters in this one of a kind café. Pick a night, any night, and stop in to see what Penny Lane has given to this community’s residents by way of friendship, laughter, music, and family. The cell phones are down, and the patrons are there to enjoy the atmosphere and each other’s company. What more could you ask for?

With all this talk about local legends it’s time to talk about country music’s chart topping national recording artist Rodney Atkins! That’s right, Rodney Atkins is coming your way to Nashvilles II September 30th. This is the man who finds joy in taking the back roads and raising a loving family as shown in his lyrics. If West of the Mark, Craig Campbell, and 90West didn’t scuff up your cowboy boots to disrepair then it’s time to toss ‘em back on again and show this Tennessean how Main St in Clarence can stomp kick and rodeo across the sawdust floor! Gates open at 6pm tickets are $25.

This Saturday at the Clarence Hollow Farmers’ Market stop by for The Dustbowl Ramblers featuring Tom Naples. We only have three more weeks of this delightful music series, and James Vozga knows how to pick out talented performers plus who doesn’t love the Farmers’ Market this time of year?

If you are a musician or a promoter and would like to provide us with information about your upcoming show, please feel free to drop us a line at

Main Street Music Calendar For September 27th-October 3rd

Tuesday September 27th

Murphy Brown’s: Tuesday Bluesday AJ “AppleJack” Tetzlaff 7pm to 10pm
The Hollow Bistro & Brew: Mike Wolcott 6pm to 9pm

Thursday September 29th

Penny Lane Café: Open Mic Night 7pm to 11pm

Friday September 30th

Penny Lane Café: Dave Stayner 7pm to 10pm
The Hollow Bistro & Brew: Justin Rizzo 7pm to 10pm

Saturday October 1st

Clarence Hollow Farmers’ Market: The Dustbowl Ramblers
Penny Lane Café: The Watchful Horsemasters 7pm to 10pm

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