Main Street Music Calendar For October 11th-17th

There is nothing more complimentary to a music scene than to have international talent request to perform in its vicinity. Just as countless patrons have discovered main street in Clarence, the top names in music have unveiled cause to place it on their calendars. In our local scene the music begins earlier, ends at a more reasonable time, and plays at a more comfortable volume for patrons. Gone are the nights where an evening of local music required a 30-minute drive, paying for parking, a 10 pm start time, and an overpriced bar tab. Allow us to help you Discover Main Street.
jason-mPerhaps the single most coveted sound in music is that of a saxophone. Finding a saxophonist with swooning abilities is, quite simply put, a scarcity. So then how did AJ “AppleJack” Tetzlaff find Jason Moynihan of Miller and the Other Sinners – a band that’s toured for the last ten plus years with Buddy Guy – on a free night? We at Discover Main Street still aren’t sure, but we know we can’t miss out on this Tuesday at Murphy Brown’s when this one time only duo melts our hearts with long legato based sax melody over Chicago styled blues.
Zak Ward (Tuesday) and Steve Balesteri (Friday) have been added to the list of The Hollow Bistro and Brew’s serenading talents. There is a fine bottle of Italian Red over a gourmet Asian inspired salad awaiting your classy dining experience at 10641 Main St. Enjoy a night with the girls or an after work happy hour martini to experience these acoustic-savvy masters at what they do best.
Our featured musician of the week is the legendary Buddy Hinds. Buddy has been on the international circuit with countless top acts. His accomplishments are too numerous to mention. His passion for rock and the blues have paved the way for perhaps the most entertaining live performances in the area. Nutty and wild are the most often used adjectives to describe this “must see” drummer/front man of The Buddy Hinds Band. There is a huge discussion in the local music scene about how incredible his newly released album “Blues Island Line” turned out. Its professional production and outstanding discography heed cause to stop by Saturday night at Penny Lane Café to pick up a copy and enjoy the show.

Steve Balesteri to Play Friday October 14th at the Hollow Bistro & Brew


Main Street Music Calendar For October 11th-17th

Tuesday Oct 11th

Murphy Brown’s AppleJack Blues featuring Jason Moynihan 6:30-9:30pm
Hollow Bistro Zak Ward 6-9pm

Thursday Oct 13th

Penny Lane Café Open Mic Night 7-11 pm

Friday Oct 14th

Penny Lane Café James Vozga and friends 7-10pm
Hollow Bistro Steve Balesteri 7-10pm

Saturday Oct 15th

Nashvilles II Wasted Whiskey
Penny Lane Café Buddy Hinds Band 7-10pm

Sunday October 16th

The Witches Brew at The Great Pumpkin Farm AppleJack Blues 1-4pm

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