Bike Safety for Night Riding and Pub Crawling

For cyclists choosing to ride Discover Main Streets’ Halloween-themed Creepy Crawler Pub Crawl on Main Street in Clarence, it’s important to ride safely. While Western New York has been increasingly Bike Friendly Community filled with considerate, respectful drivers and citizens, we as cyclists need to do our part.

While you should always wear a helmet, you also need to remember cars, pedestrians and other riders need to be able to see you in the dark. See and be seen while riding by utilizing reflectivity and bike lights!

As the days get shorter, there’s less and less daylight for us as we move around and ride into the early evening. It really is essential to make sure that your bike is well lit. Look for lights that are easy to mount or have Toms Pro Bike mount it for you before you leave to ride.

Light up the front and the rear with securely mounted lights. Some more advanced choices also have different beam settings and a pulse setting that flashes, but a more basic light can work just as well. Ultimately the right bike light is the one that illuminates an ideal beam for your night riding circumstances. Toms Pro Bike has several options at both of their bike shops in Lancaster and East Amherst, and they will be on hand at registration for today’s Pub Crawl to make sure you have the right gear to keep safe and legal.

The DMS Creepy Crawler leaves Penny Lane Café at 4:30 p.m., and later when we depart Clarence Hollow and return along the bike path it will be well past sunset and we will ride into the mystery and darkness of the night. We have permission to use the bike path between 7-7:30 p.m. or so and it will seem quite spooky I promise you. While the path is a wooded area on both sides and a car free zone, it remains important to be able to see and be seen by the flesh eating zombies and other pub crawlers.


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