Waterloo Revival to Front Nashville’s II Show to Benefit Homeless Veterans

This week’s Music column is for the Byrds. At least, we’re writing it from Eight Miles High above the Rocky Mountains, and we hope you’ll forgive us that it’s short and sweet.

Research is important in any writing endeavor, and our regular music contributor AJ Tetzlaff took some time off to head down to Key West, FL for Meeting of The Minds, the annual Parrothead flocking (read: Jimmy Buffet Fan Party) in that southernmost Town. Meanwhile, I’m returning from the pacific northwest, where the Bills and Seahawks were highlighting the sorry state of NFL officiating in the Roger Goodell era  (aside: even the ‘Hawks fans around us were embarrassed by what happened).

But we digress. You’re here for the music, and we’ve got it for you.

On Friday, Waterloo Revival is just the latest national recording act to hit the stage at Nashville’s II. In honor of Veteran’s Day, Nashville’s is donating proceeds to the Rockabilly Foundation to benefit homeless veterans. The Austin, TX based duo of Cody Cooper and George Birge have been friends since middle school, and the two charted in 2015 with singles “Hit the Road” and “Bad for You.” They’re out touring now in support of their latest single, “Racin’ to the Red Light.” The name Waterloo Revival is derived from the original name for Austin, a forward-looking town just like ours. We’re glad to have them on Main Street in Clarence.dead-16

Aaron Ziolkowski of Little Mountain Band fame is filling in for Apple Jack Blues for Tuesday Blues-Day at Murphy Browns. He’ll be joined by special guest Drew Azzinaro for a Grateful Dead tribute night. There’s nothing like a little Casey Jones while you watch the election returns (you did vote, didn’t you?). Trouble ahead, as the saying goes.

Speaking of the Little Mountain Band, they’re playing up the road on Friday at Penny Lane Café. PLC is hosting Harvey Brice and the Unbroken on Saturday.

Main Street Music Calendar for November 8-14, 2016

Tuesday November 8th

Hollow Bistro & Brew Scott Celani
Murphy Brown’s – Aaron Ziolkowski hosts Grateful Dead night w/ Drew Azzinaro

Thursday November 10th

Penny Lane Café – Open Mike Night

Friday November 11th

Nashville’s II – Waterloo Revival
Penny Lane Café – Little Mountain Band

Saturday November 12th

Penny Lane Café – Harvey Brice and the Unbroken

One response to “Waterloo Revival to Front Nashville’s II Show to Benefit Homeless Veterans”

  1. Just wanted to say thanks again for the bike station located in Market. It’s nice having a place to work on your bike while riding up and down Main Street in Clarence. On my last stop there last weekend, I noticed that the air pump gauge is full of moisture and you can’t read it. Can we please fix it. Please help.!


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