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ajThe Holiday spirit is upon us in full swing. Local shops have their best products on display and are fully staffed for the rush that awaits them. It also just so happens that there is a place to wind down after the madness of shopping, and appreciate some of the best talents in Buffalo performing. That place? It’s right here on Main Street in Clarence.

The owners of Murphy Brown’s have some big plans for next week’s holiday rush. Until then you can stop in for the cold hoppy gift your family really wants, and while you’re in have a seat and take a listen to the Blues. This week we feature Dan Shurtleff (drummer) of The Growler Blues Band. Between AJ Tetzlaff and Dan Shurtleff there are few players in this area with such a passion for the blues genre, and we highly recommend this night.

duckNashvilles II has a very diverse lineup this week. In an attempt to bring something for everybody, they have arranged line dancing every Thursday, (Arrive early for lessons) a Girl’s Night this Friday (All Male Review), and Disco Duck this Saturday to let loose with the Boogie Fever.

Our featured musician of the week is Garrett g_shea_doorShea. Garrett has been highly decorated around Buffalo winning awards such as: Best Original Pop/Rock vocalist in 2011/2012, WNY’s Best Indie/Pop Rock Vocalist 2011/2012, as well as Buffalo Idol Finalist – 2016. You can catch his Goo Goo Dolls/ Billy Joel inspired style this Saturday at Penny Lane Café. Get a preview of his phenomenal talents on i-tunes or spotify with his original “Chasing the Moonlight”

Don’t stop there! Main Street Clarence has much more to offer in local music. Here’s this week’s full calendar:

Main Street Music Calendar for December 6th-12th

Tues 12/6

Murphy Brown’s: AppleJack Blues feat Dan Shurtleff 7pm-10pm

Wed 12/7

Penny Lane Café: Open Mic w/ Keith Shuskie 7pm-10pm

Thurs 12/8

Nashvilles II: Line Dance Party doors open at 6pm

Fri 12/9

Nashvilles II: Girls Night Out: All Male Performance 8-12am
Penny Lane Café: Chris Squier 8pm-11pm
Brennan’s Bowery Bar: Tina Williams 10pm-2am

Sat 12/10

Cornerstone Bar & Grill:  East Hill Garage Alex Betschen Machine 9pm-12am
Nashvilles II: Disco Duck/ Disco Party 9pm-1am
Penny Lane Café: Garrett Shea 7pm-10pm
Brennan’s Bowery Bar: AppleJack Blues 10pm-2am

If you are a musician or a promoter and would like to provide us with information about your upcoming show, please feel free to drop us a line at

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  1. This information is great! Please consider creating a calendar event on facebook for each occasion. I can click on interested or going and save the date on facebook. It will pop up on my facebook page closer to the date. If not, I’ll miss it


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