Ladies Lead the Music Scene

Here we are with another week of music on main street, and yet again we strive to impress with this one of a kind line-up. The Buffalo music scene is so fortunate to have so many talented female performers, and Main Street has found two of the top acts in the same week!

Let’s begin this week with our featured musician of the tina_w3week, Tina Williams. Tina stands for the passion of music that flows through her aura. She plays for the man putting in the 80 hour work week, the man who lives to pay bills, and the man who 3 minutes and 15 seconds can escape through the power of music. Music gives her the medium for which to release the frustrations of modern day life. Bluesy/Jazzy chord progressions provide a means for her spin of top 40 mashups and crowd pleasers. Stay tuned for her world class originals inspired by the deepest human struggles between who we are and who we inspired to be. Catch Tina this Friday night at Brennan’s Bowery Bar.

grace_stFor our next performer, imagine if your employer was the ageless Joan Baez. That’s right, Grace Stumberg, backup vocalist for Joan Baez, comes right here to Penny Lane Cafe! There are few voices as powerful and as moving as Grace’s. Her gorgeous custom  acoustic has found the perfect balance between bass, mids, and treble which she showcases in her lyrically inspiring originals. There is so much love and enthusiasm for what she does, and her audiences are so captivated by her performances that it’s no wonder she is one of the top performers in our music scene. Catch Grace this Saturday at Penny Lane Cafe!

Main Street Music Calendar For January 10th-16th

Tuesday Jan 10th

Murphy Brown’s: Apple Jack Blues feat Aaron Ziolkowski 7-10pm

Wednesday Jan 11th

Penny Lane Cafe: Open Mic Night hosted by Keith Shuskie 7-10pm

Friday Jan 13th

Penny Lane Cafe: Little Mountain Band 8-11pm
Brennan’s: Tina Williams 10pm-1am

Saturday Jan 14th

Penny Lane Cafe: Grace Stumberg 7-10pm

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