Vision Main Street Plan To Be Unveiled at Feb 16th Public Forum

Clarence residents and other interested parties will get their first chance to see a draft of the Vision Main Street Clarence plan at a public forum to be held Thursday February 16th forum 7-8:30pm at the Clarence High School Library.

The plan is the result of a year-long effort funded by the Clarence Industrial Development Agency and headed by municipal planning firm Clark Patterson Lee. Public feedback from the forum will guide the Vision Main Street plan, which in turn will be incorporated into Clarence’s Master Plan 2030. main-sheridan

Vision Main Street Clarence represents a recognition that Main Street development is not only good for quality of life, but can also become an economic driver for the Town. As we’ve been telling you for a few years now, increased bicycling and foot traffic is a key component to a vibrant community life. A prominent feature of the plan is clearly marked bike lanes of the style that the City of Buffalo has been rapidly expanding with great community support.

Building upon the hamlets of Harris Hill and the Clarence Hollow, Vision Main Street would create a new commercial district around Sheridan and Main and the Clarence High School, and make Main Street as a whole more bike and pedestrian friendly. The plan incorporates the recent trend towards mixed use development, with smaller shops and apartments offering a more intimate living environment with walkable destinations.

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2 responses to “Vision Main Street Plan To Be Unveiled at Feb 16th Public Forum”

  1. It is hard to understand how the former Bozanna’s Pizza property remains unused for such a long period of time. I hope that building can be re-purposed before new construction elsewhere. I am also concerned about the traffic on Goodrich Rd. that will only get worse when the new building by Town Hall opens. The Master Plan has added many new homes but hasn’t seemed to deal with the condition or traffic on Goodrich. That matter needs attention immediately. Thank you for placing bike paths in the developments on Roll Rd. I have enjoyed the existing bike path for years and will explore the new paths this spring.


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