Available buildings on Main Street Clarence. What would you do?

By many standards, Main Street in Clarence is a vibrant place. The four-mile stretch from Transit Road through the Hollow has a nice mix of office, retail and living options. Additionally, there are several prime buildings and parcels of land on Main Street available for the Clarence of the future.

Sometimes as I drive up Main Street, I find myself daydreaming about a few of the current structures available for sale or lease. Who would be the ideal purchaser? What kind of company or business could thrive in these buildings? Here are a few buildings that peak my interest and spark a few different thoughts. However, this article is not about MY thoughts, as it’s more about your thoughts and ideas? Please share your views and what you would do.

Clarence Buildings 003
This building at 8166 Main Street has long been a concert hall/night club. It had a successful run as the country-themed bar Howdy’s, before becoming a concert hall named Club Infinity that attracted big name performers. The recent incarnations of this club haven’t had much success. Most of the concert happenings occur in the City of Buffalo, so having an active concert hall in the community has value to the suburbs. With Uber and car-riding services coming to New York State this summer, maybe it could be the missing piece in having a long-running club back on the property.
Clarence Buildings 009
The former Transitowne location at 10855 Main Street is 6,000 square feet with ample parking space around the building.  Residing on Route 5/Main Street, thousands of people drive past this place daily. These facts alone give the locale many options. It’s no secret that the people of Clarence love their cars. Maybe this building could keep its automotive roots and transform into a boutique dealership, offering unique, high-end vehicles or services. Another automotive service facility would always be welcomed on Main Street.
Clarence Buildings 008
The former Dunkin Donuts location at 9430 Main Street is kinda intriguing. While donuts shops are not known to push the boundaries of architecture, this building (and its large windows) has decent curb appeal. The building’s parking and drive-thru capabilities could interest a new owner. However, with Goodrich Coffee & Tea two doors away, and Tim Horton’s just a quarter mile down the road, it’s hard to picture another drive-thru food business finding huge success at this location. Credit union? Bank? Cool bike shop, jeweler or retail location?
Clarence Buildings 004
The beloved Old Red Mill Inn at 8326 Main Street closed in 2015. Built in 1856, the former restaurant and 100 space parking lot offers unique challenges, which can also be used as major opportunities. Playing off the historical theme might be appealing to a banquet/catering business, antique store, or retail store. Many old buildings in Buffalo’s Delaware District have been transformed into professional service offices – lawyers, accountant, construction management and more. Going this route would be super cool.
Clarence Buildings 005
Location, location, location! The former Bozanna’s Pizza location at 8885 Main Street has been closed for four years. What makes this parcel exciting is that its located between and across from  some of Main Street’s popular locations (Dash’s Market, Passport Liquor, Hayes Seafood, Key Bank/Chamber of Commerce building and NOCO). It wouldn’t be hard to get noticed here. I tend to think that there’s no historical value to the building (could be totally wrong), therefore the location is probably a blank slate.
Clarence Buildings 006
A victim of the merger in 2016 between First Niagara Bank and Key Bank, this former financial institution sits at 8503 Main Street. The building, parking lot and drive-thru are in great shape.  It’s certainly “move-in ready” for a financial business, but its locale could be a deal-breaker due to the proximity to banking facilities on Transit Road.  Situated at Main Street and Harris Hill, the building is definitely in a high visibility location. Might be suitable spot for a bistro, wine bar, real estate or small professional office. 
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3 responses to “Available buildings on Main Street Clarence. What would you do?”

  1. I would love to see a juice-ry come in (like Ashker’s downtown) and a handful more boutique (not consignment) and specialty shops. And please lets keep it ‘chain free’ and grow our small businesses up and down Main Street! Great read, thanks for sharing.


  2. Having grown up in the red brick house at 8680 Main St (now an office bldg), it was interesting to see these now available. Seventy-five years ago and some changes have occurred but many of the buildings remain the same.


  3. I’m sure this is too déclassé for many Clarence folks but a McDonalds would would probably do very well at the old Dunkin’ Donut site. But a Chick-fil-a; now that would be a real draw.


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