Over 500 bicyclists participate in Friday night’s Clarence Pedal Party

It was a magical evening Friday night when over 500 bike enthusiasts participated in the first-ever Clarence Pedal Party. Riders from all parts of the Buffalo and Niagara Falls area flocked to Murphy Brown’s parking lot at Willow Square to embark on a fun 10 mile bike ride. Led by six Sheriff motorcycle patrol officers, the massive group made their way through Clarence neighborhoods, before returning to the after-party. Several hundred people stayed around to hear DJ Milk spin some tunes, visit two food trucks and enjoyed some tasty libations served by the friendly Murphy Brown’s staff. It truly was a special night.

Thanks again to our wonderful sponsors: Murphy Brown’s Craft Beer Empourium, Clarence Hollow Association, Clarence Pharmacy, Emerling Insurance – an EMS Group Partner, Lineage, RealtyUSA Joe David & Clayt Ertel, RebelRide Indoor Cycling & Strength, Tom’s Pro Bike, Town of Clarence Superintendent of Highways James A. Dussing, VisoneCo Site Development, Paul Justinger and Chris Morgan.





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