The Notorious D.O.G. is most certainly “The Dog Stuff Destination.”

For almost a year, The Notorious D.O.G. at 8625 Main Street has been living up to their promise as “The Dog Stuff Destination.” Owners Laura LaCongo and Jessica Mbugua have created a “must visit” place for canine owners. The store’s wide selection of foods and an even wider selection of dog accessories is a dog lover’s paradise.

One of the first things that caught this writer’s eye upon walking into the store is their wide selection of foods available – and not the brands you find in your typical grocery store. Co-owner Jessica Mbugua explained that they like working with premium quality foods that are best for the pet. Many of their vendors are smaller businesses, not the large corporate entities that dominate the pet food market. 

The endless array of dog accessories is where this store really stands out. From the functional to the funky, walking around the store is a fun experience. In a fun twist, the shop has their own line of Buffalo-themed dog collars and t-shirts – very unique and whimsical. One of the owners is always onhand to help customers find food and items that are best for their dog…and the owner!

Visit The Notorious D.O.G. on Saturday, August 12th for their 1st Anniversary Party! Lots of specials, prizes, photo booth and fun!  Afterwards, make plans to attend the Connecting Clarence Street Festival just three doors down at the corner of Nottingham Terrance and Main Street. From 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. this family-friendly event will celebrate the future of Clarence’s Main Street! Leave your car behind, get on your feet and come shop, eat, drink and explore!



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