West Shore Brewing Company Represents the New Main Street

When Slow Roll returns to West Shore Brewing Company (10995 Main Street) for this afternoon’s Octoberfest Bike stampede, the event will be about more than just beer and bicycles.

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Don’t get us wrong – we’re super excited to be returning for another bike-friendly Slow Roll event with one of our favorite partners. We’re talking about something bigger. When the Slow Roll family comes to West Shore today, they are seeing our new Main Street coming to life. What West Shore is doing is exactly the reason why Discover Main Street exists.

WSBC Sept 22

This is exactly the type of story that Discover Main Street loves to tell – young, passionate business people who have chosen the new Main Street Clarence as the place to set up shop and live their big dream right in our community.

WSBC Halloween

Why the new Main Street? “A couple of things,” said owner Josh Dziomba. “First off was just look and feel of the community here in Clarence. Every town has its own style and I felt right at home in Clarence. Just crossing Transit Road you get a very different feel than in Amherst or coming from Lancaster, and I like the quaint nature of it.

WSBC Railroad

“Second was the proximity to the old West Shore Railroad line. My Great Grandfather was an engineer on the West Shore and we are about an eighth of a mile from the old tracks.”

When we went there last fall, West Shore was really just getting open – and that first Bike Stampede was a Grand Opening of sorts.

wsbc slow roll pano


In the last 12 months, Josh Dziomba and crew have worked tirelessly to build up every aspect of their business – expanding their product line, their distribution, building out a Biergarten, and preparing yet another expansion of their facility. They’ve partnered with us on Kickstand Kolsch – the bike friendly beer that gives back to our community.

wsbc sponsor

There are over 130 small and medium sized businesses in the 6 1/2 miles that make up Main Street in Clarence. When we support these businesses, we help our entire community flourish, which more of each dollar we spend staying locally, helping create jobs and the type of authentic relationships that make for a vibrant quality of life.

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As a wise friend once counseled, people come where they’re invited and stay where they are welcome. We hope Slow Rollers and Discover Main Street readers alike will show their welcome by patronizing West Shore and helping support their big dream. Come join us on Main Street in Clarence!

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