Record Warmth Makes Short Work of Main Street Snows

What a difference a few days can make! Last Wednesday, we were out documenting a few Main Street Clarence businesses (Like Arthur’s Executive Cleaner’s, pictured above) that remained open despite the record -3 degree cold.

Today – just five short days later – record high 58 degree temps had (mostly) melted nearly two feet of snow. Just how big of a difference did that 61-degree-swing in temperatures make? We decided to go back out and document a few of these scenes for our Discover Main Street readers.

Last week, Clarence Liquor Mart was looking as frosty as a margarita. Today, only a few small traces of snow remained at the front of the building.

When we got to the Clarence Deli last week, they had done a good job of keeping the lot open, though a stubborn layer of snow remained. After all, the Clarence Deli was keeping all the hard-working plow drivers well fortified with coffee, soda and sandwiches. Still there was a think blanket of snow on the roof of the building, which was all but gone earlier today.

The snow was coming down Wednesday when we captured this picture of Gianni Mazia’s sign. The banks have receded somewhat, though a surprisingly stubborn pile still remains.

It’s a much clearer difference across the road at AJ’s Clarence Hollow. Snow had mostly obscured the sign when we took this picture on Wednesday. Today there’s about two more feet of sign visible and in general the springlike temps brought everything back to normal.

All in all, this was a fun project – and a chance to get out of the office and enjoy some of these warmer temperatures. And it’s good to know that come record cold, snow or record heat, all these Main Street businesses are open to serve you when you need them!

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