Slow Roll Pedal Party at West Shore: 7 Things To Know

Tonight, West Shore Brewing Company (10995 Main Street) is hosting our first Slow Roll Pedal Party of the year. It’s a FREE and inclusive group bike ride presented by Discover Main Street and Slow Roll Buffalo. Meet-up is at 6pm, with the ride starting promptly at 7pm. The group will return to West Shore by approximately 8:30pm for an after-party with food trucks, new beer releases and live music in the beer garden.

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When Slow Roll Buffalo first rose to prominence a few years back, it was a phenomenon confined to Monday night rides within the confines of the City of Buffalo. As its popularity grew, organizers began to stretch outside the city limits with “pedal parties” in suburban locations on the weekends.

With its open spaces, varied neighborhoods and bike-friendly attitude, Clarence has developed a reputation as the most popular Slow Roll destination outside of the City of Buffalo.

You may already be planning to join tonight’s ride, and may be one of the hundreds of area residents that make the trek into the city every Monday evening to Slow Roll through Buffalo neighborhoods. If so, you most of what you need to already, but read on for parking and other tips. If not, we’ve got the 411 for you all right here.

1. What is a Pedal Party?

A Friday night “Pedal Party” is a version of the Monday Slow Roll that takes place in the suburbs. This is going to be a fun group bike ride at a party pace, a bit longer than a Monday night roll. We’ll be following traffic laws and riding in support of a bike-friendly Main Street, and we’ll also feature some uniquely Clarence neighborhoods and scenery.

2. How many riders do you expect?

Photo Credit: Clay Davies

While rides in the City can draw well over a thousand riders in good weather, don’t expect to see that many here in Clarence. Good weather should bring out several hundred riders, which gives all the fun of a large group ride and allows the ride to move a bit more smoothly. 

3. When should we arrive?

Plan to come at 6pm. That gives you a chance to relax, do a quick check of your bike, get something to eat and drink and enjoy fellowship with other riders. The ride starts promptly at 7pm.

4. Where should I park?

West Shore Brewing company is located at 10995 Main Street, near the corner of Davison Road and next door to Antique World. Thanks to Antique World, we will once again have plenty of parking available directly adjacent to the brewery.

5. What should I expect during the ride?

The ride will proceed at a “party pace,” which most riders should be able to keep with no difficulty. If you’re a bit slower, you will want to start at the front of the ride, while stronger riders should start towards the rear. Orange-shirted volunteers from Slow Roll Buffalo’s Squad will be managing the ride to keep the ride together, help riders avoid hazards and help keep everyone on the planned route. Please remember that we are riding along with traffic laws and we will encounter motorists along the way. You should listen to and follow instructions from Squad volunteers – they are there to help make your ride safe and enjoyable.

6. What Does The Route Look Like?

11.67 mile West Shore Pedal Party Route for June 14th

Tonight’s ride will be a different route than we have ever used out of West Shore. We’ll be heading north immediately as the ride starts, so we’ll see some more open spaces and rural areas right away. There will be a couple of hills on this ride. Local Clarence riders and folks who have joined us before know what to expect, but if you’re new to the ride you will find a lower gear helpful as we climb up Alexander Drive by the Town Park and again at the end of the ride as we return down Main Street through the Hollow to West Shore.

7. What’s planned for the after party?

Food, drink, music and more! West Shore Brewing will have a couple of new beer releases, including the Big Six DIPA and a Grapefruit Pineapple Shandy. Babz BBQ and the Clarence Deli will be on hand to help folks fuel up after the ride, and Fools like Us will be playing West Shore’s Beer Garden.

Fools Like Us will be providing entertainment after the ride.

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