Clarence Pharmacy Makes Vaccination A Team Effort

Clarence Pharmacy workers distributing vaccine

We’ve been living with the pandemic for over a year, and the development that promises to bring back normalcy again is the vaccination effort that’s now underway. A leader in these efforts is Clarence Pharmacy (9500 Main Street Suite 500), which has already inoculated thousands of Clarence residents against the virus that causes COVID-19.

Kevin Clary and Jon Vorreuter first opened Clarence Pharmacy five years ago with their promise to make pharmacy simple again. That meant a focus on personal service to help their clients. As vaccination efforts began to roll out, Clarence Pharmacy stepped forward. “We are grateful to have the opportunity to help,” said Clary. “It means a lot that we can take care of the people in our hometown of Clarence.”

That effort extends to two of Clary’s neighboring businesses in the Willow Square development. “We didn’t have the space to handle the volume of people we had coming in,” Clary explained. The solution came from the Pharmacy’s neighbors Jaime Duchscherer, owner of Canvas Salon & Gallery, and Drew and Renee Brown of Murphy Brown’s Craft Beer Empourium.

Duchscherer, who is building out a neighboring space for her newest venture, The Polished Nail, let the pharmacy use the space until she was ready to start her construction. Then Murphy Brown’s stepped forward and offered the use of their back room as a vaccination site. The teamwork is paying off, as a recent day found Clary administering over 150 doses of vaccine to area residents.

If you haven’t been vaccinated, Clary suggests contacting the Clarence Pharmacy for information on availability.

A year into the pandemic, everyone is ready for to get back to normal. Here in Clarence, some Main Street neighbors are doing their part to help us all get there.

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