Repair Station Pump Fixed Thanks To Tom’s Pro Bike

Back in 2016, Town of Clarence service organizations came together to fund a bike corral at the Clarence Hollow Farmers’ Market. The Clarence Hollow Association donated a bike repair station including a pump and tools to allow cyclists to make many small repairs on the spot.

After five years of faithful service, the pump was out of commission.

Five years later, the repair station needed a repair of its own. The hose on the pump was irreparably damaged, and there was no air to be had. Enter Tom Lonzi of Tom’s Pro Bike. Lonzi, who sponsors our Discover Main Street Market Rides summer group ride series, saw the issue and ordered a new hose, which was installed yesterday.

With new hose and dual-valve nozzle,the repair station pump is back in service.

The hose is actually an upgrade because it has connections for both the older-style Schrader and newer Presta valves. It’s a small thing that’s a big thing to any cyclist that needs some air to make it back home.

Tom and Valerie Lonzi of Tom’s Pro Bike

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