A Giants Fan at Royal Pizza

“What do you want to do for dinner?” she asked.

“I don’t know. I don’t feel like cooking,” and so it was we headed to try out Royal Pizza at 10971 Main St. just east of Clarence Hollow.

Going to Royal Pizza two days after my Giants beat Kansas City was, I suppose, a bit like offering an olive branch even if the name is unrelated.

We were seated promptly by our very attentive server. We ordered the arancini appetizer and a medium broccoli chicken alfredo pizza as well as two glasses of wine.

The wine was nicely chilled and served in large glasses. She had Pinot Grigio, I had Montepulciano. The arancini (rice balls), covered in tomato sauce, was served on a plate tastefully sprinkled with Italian spices.

The rice was well cooked with a fine filling of sausage, and peas. I know arancini always seems to have peas in the Bolognese filling but I’ve never understood why. I suppose I should concede it is authentic.

Even our water came in ample-sized real glasses with a generous lemon wedge, higher caliber than the undersized plastic glasses served in many a pizzeria.

Our pizza was more than enough for both of us (especially after the arancini).

Every part of our meal arrived in a timely fashion and was delicious. Every table was full while we were there, but the restaurant was appropriately staffed and a great improvement over what we have sometimes experienced elsewhere.

Our bill, including two glasses of wine, came to $36 and we had enough left for lunch.

I would have liked if the owner stopped by our table and asked how we liked our meal, but that’s nitpicking – I am certain he or she was the reason our food was so good. I shop in small businesses because as a business owner, I admire and identify with those embrace the struggle.

You should visit Royal Pizza. You will be glad you did. You can reach them at 759-7777.

(Joe Genco moved to Clarence to serve as Bee editor in 1987. He and his wife Beth raised their sons Joe and Ben here. Today he works as an advisor for New England Financial, helping with life and disability insurance and retirement and investment strategies for families and small businesses. You can contact him at jgenco@buffalo.nef.com The majority of his disposable income seems to be spent on Main Street in Clarence.)


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