All bets are off…the coolest spot on Main Street Clarence.

Hello, it’s Doug Sitler and I write a majority of the articles onGenesee Mark Griffis Bday 051  One of the great pleasures of writing (and discovering for myself) about Main Street businesses in Clarence are great surprises that await you when walking through the front door of an establishment.   Based on my affinity for art, sculpture and craftsmenship, I write this blog post with a huge bias…Donna Ioviero’s Garden of Earthly Delights at 10852 Main Street is the coolest spot in Clarence, NY.

Genesee Mark Griffis Bday 055I drive by artist Donna Ioveiro’s a handfull times each week and have always been intrigued by the place. The purple and teal colored building, with a big sculpture out front captured my imagination. On Saturday, my wife and I decided to stop into the place after seeing some handmade signs in the front of the house saying that they were “open.” Once we walked into the backyard of the studio…holy cow!

We are definitely going to film a video on Donna Ioviero’s “Garden of Earthly Delights” for in the very near future. This place is too cool. The pictures speak for themselves.

Genesee Mark Griffis Bday 045

Genesee Mark Griffis Bday 050

Genesee Mark Griffis Bday 042

Genesee Mark Griffis Bday 047

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