Brace Yourselves, Music is Coming!

Big things are coming to the local music scene. At Discover Main Street we’ll hand you the menus and point you in the direction of all the “spots” to catch the best music in town. There’s a lot coming your way so let’s get right to it.

Murphy Brown’s has an exciting change of scenery for Tuesday night. Expect this week to hear a Grateful Dead night in place of your typical blues. Aaron Ziolkowski will be your host to continue on the special guest tradition with the likes of Donavan Cudmore and Rob Enderle.

Maria Sebastian brings the singer songwriter style to the Hollow Bistro this Tuesday. Maria maria-shas enchanting vocals upon a beautiful acoustic sound playing everything from Alanis Morissette to Bonnie Raitt. Expect a wonderful ambience from Maria over your classy dining experience. Can’t make Tuesday? Catch Justin Rizzo this Friday over a happy hour cocktail, or take the opportunity to experience their critically acclaimed jazz brunch with Dennis Warne (guitar) & Jennie Jones (Sax and Vocals).

Penny Lane’s big weekend kicks off with an Open Mic hosted by Keith Shuskie, yes the very Keithkeith-s who performed on The Voice. The following night the Duchscherer brothers with Ian Kelley and Barry Arbogast bring The Other Band for a night that brings the house down with every repeat performance. If you prefer Saturday night music you can catch the debut performance of Dana Manzella teaming up with Dennis Garofalo for some upbeat acoustic classic rock in the style of CCR and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Our musician of the week is Tony DeRosa! As a guitarist of 24 years and 15 years of trained sound engineering, Tony brings his acoustic steel strung Seagull to sing like a bird for the Brennan’s Bowery Bar crowd this Friday. His classic rock is spot on, however he also brings us the Alternative Rock of the 90’s for a much appreciated variety. Ask him for a Stone Temple Pilots tune and he’ll knock it out of the Park! (Go Cubs!)

Main Street Music Calendar For November 1st-6th

Tuesday Nov 1st

Hollow Bistro: Maria Sebastian 6-9pm
Murphy Brown’s: Grateful Dead Night with Aaron Ziolkowski 7-10pm

Thursday Nov 3rd

Penny Lane Café: Open Mic Night with Keith Shuskie 7-10pm

Friday Nov 4th

Nashvilles II: Hit N Run 9pm-1am
Penny Lane Café: The Other Band 7:30-10:30pm
Hollow Bistro: Justin Rizzo 7-10pm
Brennan’s Bowery Bar: Tony DeRosa 10-1am

Saturday Nov 5th

Hollow Bistro: Jazz Brunch 11:30am-1:30pm w/ Dennis Warne & Jennie Jones
Nashvilles II: 90 West 9pm-1am
Penny Lane Café: Acoustic Duo Dana & Dennis 7-10pm

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