Bidding Farewell to 2016 in Musical Style!

The holiday rush has come to a midway point. Families are headed home and locals have begun their planning for the coming of the New Year. And music fans are headed – where else? – to Main Street.

grace_lThe first stop on the scene takes us to our weekly blues jam hosted by Apple Jack Blues. This week he features the iconic Grace Lougen of the band Freightrain. The pride of Buffalo’s blues scene falls somewhere between the fret board of a crimson Gibson SG and the heart pouring soul of bent strings emulating with emotion and song. Rumors of Grace’s talents have traveled far and wide as she recently opened and joined the stage with Albert Cummings by his request. The Buffalo blues scene is a music gold mine. Stop in this Tuesday at Murphy Brown’s to find out why.

Our featured musician of the week is another Buffalo music icon, Jamie Holka. Imagine jamie_hsitting at a bar where a guitarist begins his set behind you. At first you hear the bass line, then the percussion. You didn’t realize this was a full band. Suddenly the melody begins. How is this possible, there was only one guitarist? You turn around to find perhaps the single most gifted guitar player you’ve ever witnessed covering all accounts of Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir as a solo performer with no tricks or pedals; just pure talent. Suddenly you realize everyone at the bar has their phone out and they’re all recording out of fascination for his talent. Meet Jamie Holka this Friday at Penny Lane Café.

They say 2016 has been a turbulent year. Help us celebrate the oncoming of a clean slate in 2017 with the Zac Brown Tribute Band this Saturday at Nashvilles II! There’s no better way to kick-off the last evening of the year than with some good old-fashioned down-home country and bluegrass with the likes of these incredible musicians. Tickets are $15 at the doors and the show starts at 9pm.

See you on Main Street!

Main Street Music Calendar for December 27-January 2nd

Tuesday Dec 27th

Murphy Brown’s: Apple Jack Blues feat Grace Lougen 7-10pm

Wednesday Dec 28th

Penny Lane Café: Open Mic Night 7-10pm

Thursday Dec 29th

Nashvilles II: Country Night 6pm-Close

Friday Dec 30th

Penny Lane Café: Jamie Holka 7-10pm
Brennan’s: CT Scan acoustic duo 10pm-1am

Saturday Dec 31st

Nashvilles II: Zac Brown Tribute Band 9pm-2am
Brennan’s: Apple Jack Blues 9:30pm-1:30am

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