Main Street: The Jazz and Blues Edition

It’s time once again to experience music on Main Street in Clarence. This week’s edition features the time-tested genres of Jazz and Blues with many talented performers from the local music scene. Have a look for yourself at the listings below!grace_st3

Grace Stumberg has been no stranger to Clarence in recent weeks and she’s back at it with the Blues this evening at Murphy Brown’s. Coming off of a very successful performance this weekend at Brennan’s she joins Apple Jack Blues for a talent packed session of acoustic classics to entertain the craft beer aficionados. With her power house vocals combined with the tasty lead guitar of host, Apple Jack, this will be a grand performance and one not to miss!

Our featured musician of the week is Gavin Petrie of The Gavin Petrie Band. Upon gavin_p2obtaining the local opinions of the band one person stated, “Gavin Petrie is to piano what Shawn Duchscherer is to guitar”. Did we mention they’re both in this band? As a music instructor, Gavin is an expert performer. He uses his jazz theory expertise to explore the space of music and surpass the boundaries of creativity in his jazz-rock-fusion style. Gavin performs at Penny Lane Café this Saturday for a packed house that follows his every performance. Performances like this are often ticketed, but you can catch them this Saturday for free!

Main Street Music Calendar for January 24th-30th

Tuesday Jan 24th

Murphy Brown’s: Apple Jack Blues feat Grace Stumberg 7-10pm

Wednesday Jan 25th

Penny Lane Café: Open Mic night w/ Keith Shuskie 7-10pm

Friday Jan 27th

Brennan’s: Apple Jack Blues 10pm-1am
Penny Lane Café: Tony DeRosa 7-10pm

Saturday Jan 28th

Penny Lane Café: The Gavin Petrie Band 7:30-10:30pm

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